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Avoid the hassle with our full Account Management Service.

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Account Management

Your relationship with your broker needs to be so much more than just arranging your contracts. With Atom, you will have a dedicated Energy Account Manager with many years of experience.

Our Core Values

Atom is an award-winning Business Energy and Water Broker who can advise you on every aspect of usage and procurement for electricity, gas and water.

Flexible Schedule

We can discuss your needs when you want to not when we need to.

Affordable Package

To help you optimise a potentially large cost for your business and to take the headache out of the admin and ongoing management.

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Our Mission

We will make everything as clear as possible so you can make your own final decision. One thing you don’t want to happen is for your meter to go out of contract so it’s vital that you make timely decisions to avoid hugely inflated rates.

Our Vision

We ask some questions and get some details.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t allow us to enter any contracts on your behalf. Just to access your usage data and gather prices in a tender. The final signature on any contract is always yours.

Awards & Achievement

We’ll gather your usage data from suppliers and then carry out an audit of your expenditure and usage and establish which government schemes you’re signed up for. If our findings suggest that savings could be made, we would request your permission to carry out surveys of your sites.